The New Fourth Estate

 The Free Press isn’t dead; you just have to look a little harder for it these days. Here’s a guide to some of the most intelligent, courageous, and duty-bound sources for unadulterated, uncorrupted information today.

Accuracy in Media (AIM): Founded by Reed Irvine, Accuracy in Media is a citizens’ media watchdog whose mission is to promote accuracy, fairness and balance in news reporting. AIM exposes politically motivated media bias; teaches consumers to think critically about their news sources; and holds the mainstream press accountable for its misreporting. Pretty straightforward, exactly the way all reporting should be.

American Free Press: Billed as America’s last real newspaper, Jim Tucker and company yank back the cloak of secrecy that shrouds a long list of America’s enemies, from the highest perches of power in the United States to the financial tyrants and corrupt corporatocracy that’s been massing for centuries to achieve global governance. If you’re not ready for the whole, ugly Truth, stay away. You have been warned.

The American Thinker: A thoughtful exploration of the state of American culture and the complex and morally significant questions on the national agenda. Emphases on national security in all its dimensions (strategic, economic, diplomatic, military); the right to exist and the survival of the State of Israel; plus business, science, technology, medicine, management, and economics in their practical and ethical dimensions. Their journalistic  professionalism is always in evidence.

The Daily Bell: Published online by The Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking (FAFMT), DB was developed by a brain trust of humble free-market thinkers and Internet Reformationists who have shared their insights into Austrian economic issues and the libertarian movements for over 20 years. Come here for superb analysis of the struggle with the authoritarian power elite—and the antidote: free-market thinking.

Discover the Networks: David Horowitz’s stunning compilation of America’s enemies, foreign and domestic. Exhaustive and expertly researched, this is an invaluable research resource for journalists, and a must read for any citizen trying to make sense of the vastly complicated web of global politics and power in which we find ourselves living today.

Tenth Amendment Center: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” If you don’t know what this means, you must check out TAC. Immediately. This is the  go-to site to learn about enumerated powers and our overreaching federal government, and what you can do about it. It’s not just your right; it’s your Duty. Lots of initiatives here from some very, very smart and patriotic people.

SHTFplan: When the Stuff Hits The Fan, you’ll be glad you had a plan—there will be plenty of people that didn’t. Put your family first and be prepared. Pandemic, natural disasters, war, economic collapse, asteroid impact, whatever. If it’s important enough for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to identify suppliers for hoards of MREs, bottled water, gasoline, blankets, and body bags, then it’s important enough for you to take a look.

The White Hats Report: One part investigative journalist, one part civic leader, and one part secret society to take on secret societies. Like the name implies, these are the good guys, and The White Hats don’t pull any punches. They publish the stuff that the mainstream media won’t touch. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers need to hold onto their hats.

Zombie Time: These guys have been on top of it for a long time. Check out their Hall of Shame photo gallery and the zomblog. Great archive of articles, too. Reporting from Northern California,  these guys make me feel a whole lot better about living in New York City, the poor bastards. They also remind me that we all need to laugh once in a while.

Michelle Malkin: One of the smartest, gutsiest, most dedicated journalists reporting on the corrupt culture of politics today. From racism to progressivism, Ms. Malkin doesn’t pull any punches. An acclaimed author, she is also an expert on the Obama administration and Chicago-style politics.

Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs: Ms. Geller is an outspoken and award-winning blogger, best-selling author, human rights activist, and political commentator. She has long been a great defender of Liberty, and a fierce opponent of radical Islam and bigoted violence. She often takes particular aim at what she and many others regard as “creeping Sharia” here in America.





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