Sowell on #BLM Movement: ‘I’m Afraid No Lives Really Matter to Them’

Thomas Sowell offers his take on the destructive Black Lives Matter group.

Thomas Sowell offers his take on the destructive Black Lives Matter group.

“Logic doesn’t mean much to them,” says Dr. Sowell.

By Trey Sanchez for Truth Revolt, September 9, 2015 •

On Tuesday evening [September 6], author and economist Thomas Sowell appeared on Fox News’ Hannity and entered his thoughts into the conversation on the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Agreeing with host Sean Hannity that all lives do in fact matter, Sowell said the BLM movement is seeking nothing other than “power and prominence.” And because its members and doctrines lack any logic, Sowell concludes that they aren’t all that interested in anyone’s life.

He said, “What’s painfully tragic already, and it’s only going to get worse if it continues, is this notion that only black lives matter; because black lives are the ones that are being lost more so than any other lives in this great crusade against the police.”

To buttress this argument, Sowell notes the out of control murder rates in the cities that have seen the most BLM protests over the last year. It’s also nothing new, he said, pointing to a 2003 book by Heather MacDonald that asked “Are Cops Racist?” The author’s words then are so poignant in today’s anti-cop climate, as Sowell explains:

She points out that after the demagogues come out and they start trashing the police and so on, the police pull back. And the net result is the criminal element then has a freer hand, and more blacks will be killed than there were before. So, I don’t know why you would keep going down that same road when it produces these same results again and again.

Sowell goes on to explain “Black Lives Matter:”

I think this is a movement which has its desire to have power and prominence, and logic doesn’t mean much to them. And I’m afraid that no lives really matter very much to them if they can do this.

As far as President Obama’s role in it all, Sowell believes he has made race relations worse in America in the name of politics. “You’ve got to turn women against men, blacks against whites, workers against their employers… because that’s how you get more votes,” he said.

Sowell continued saying that as long as Obama treats people as victims and vows salvation to them through government assistance, he secures those votes.

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