Fed Up: Mizzou Silent Majority Turns Out in Force to Support Ben Shapiro

Originally posted at Young America’s Foundation, November 20, 2015 •

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.06.31 AMOn November 19, at the University of Missouri in Columbia, conservative powerhouse Ben Shapiro addressed an overflow crowd of supportive students, while garnering an additional 130,000 online viewers in an event sponsored by Young America’s Foundation.

Mr. Shapiro’s lecture, entitled “Truth is a Microaggression,” packed so many students into Mizzou’s Ellis Auditorium that an offsite overflow room had to be utilized. Throughout his remarks, Shapiro drew huge applause from an overwhelmingly supportive crowd. The extensive question and answer session was dominated by conservative students seeking advice on how to combat their campus’ liberal professors and students.

Shapiro began his speech by telling Mizzou students to “grow up.” He condemned the school’s liberal activists for falsifying “stupid garbage” to provide evidence to support their narrative of white privilege. The lecture systematically deconstructed every facet of the Mizzou protesters’ argument, from the concepts of safe spaces, microaggressions, and privilege, to their hunger strikes and lies about being run over by cars.

Reports indicated that liberal protesters attempted to pull a fire alarm to disrupt Shapiro’s speech. Unfortunately for them, the event was an absolute triumph for sanity at Mizzou. At one point an alumnus took to the microphone simply to thank Shapiro for standing up to the school’s liberal community.

The success of the event should send a powerful message to the country: There is a silent majority on our nation’s campuses that is desperate for an outlet. View the address in video below:

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