Unsettling Science: Climate Pirates Descend on Paris With Weathered Dogma

By EoV Staff, December 8, 2015 •

Last week in Paris, the international climate-hoaxers kicked off the next phase of their global power grab with the twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21), the spawn of the Kyoto Protocol. This comes on the heels of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda summit in September, a continuation of the sustainable development scam, described as Agenda 21 on steroids. The plan was backed by Barack Obama and blessed by the Pope.

As for climate change, any credible scientists worth their curriculum vitae will attest that what the hoaxers call “settled science” is nothing more than science fraud. While the alarmists reference legitimate studies to support their absurd claims, the data has been cherry-picked to intentionally serve up a ‘false positive’ and dishonest narrative, one designed to redistribute wealth and steal away as much as $US 85 trillion from the world’s tax-paying class (soon to be known as the working poor).

Note that the “climate change” mantra was once known by the moniker, global warming, until scientists got caught fudging the data. In fact, the whole climate change campaign started as global cooling in the 1970s. This alone should be enough to question the so-called climatological experts’ proficiencies and motivations, not to mention the notion of any science ever being “settled”.

Yes, we all desire a clean, healthy world. No one will argue with that. And yet the historically corrupt United Nations and its corporate cabal of global overlord wannabes are not the people to administrate these proposed environmental initiatives, assuming they are the rightful remedies to “save the planet” in the first place.

Peruse the Who’s Who of climate scare and you’ll see that these individuals all stand to profit, either financially or through unchecked non-governmental authority (or both). Al Gore and the Solyndra scandal are just one such example. No, today’s industrial environmentalists are no different than the industrial war profiteers that have siphoned trillions of dollars from the global economy these last 100 years.

We don’t deny that the world faces ecological threats, but a theoretical one-degree increase in average temperature over the next twenty years is not one of them. Instead we should be focusing our efforts and resources to restore our American ecosystems, thrown into chaos by non-native carp, beetles, and mosquitoes, brought to these shores by Asian imports. We should be addressing the calamitous issue of ground water toxins and the looming agriculture disaster, courtesy of Monsanto and the American pharmaceutical industry.

And yet perhaps the most ominous threat is the complicit nature in which the current administration and many members of Congress are willing to betray our National Sovereignty to the unelected global governance crowd. The United States must never submit to any international body, much less one that gives voice to genocidal rogue nations, human rights violators, terror sponsors, and Marxist-Socialist-Communist totalitarians.

Please see the important videos below for a look inside these globalist machinations, featuring respected journalists Donna Laframboise and Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley.

Lord Monckton debunks the climate fraudsters’ data claims before a Congressional hearing in 2010. Notice how the leftists attempt to discredit him and childishly (and erroneously) make fun of his name:

Donna Laframboise exposes and lays bare the inner workings of the self-appointed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

Lord Monckton returns with an overview of the UN’s Agenda 2030:

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