Liberty First: Department of Justice Launches Domestic Terrorism Council to Aid UN in Dealing With Violent Extremism

justice peeksRecently the Department of Justice announced that it was “partnering” with the United Nations (UN) in combating “violent extremism” around the world through an initiative called the Strong Cities Network. The American municipalities of New York, Dallas, Denver, and Minneapolis are already on board.

What we are witnessing is the genesis of a global police force, with local law enforcement operating under the ruling hand of the UN. What could go wrong?

Now comes word that the DOJ has followed up by creating a new division called the Domestic Terrorism Council. But who exactly are they calling domestic terrorists, and by whose definition?

According to celebrated constitutionalist KrisAnne Hall, the DOJ will be the people to define it, as well as granting themselves the permission to investigate, detain, and assassinate American citizens, however and whenever they see fit.

Welcome to the New America.

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