Smatterings: Sharpton Attempts to Legitimize Climate Change as Civil Rights Issue, Blames Pollution on White Privilege

EoV Note: Not many may remember, but when the ecology movement first got started back in the 1970s, “global cooling” was the thing. When that fizzled, the environmentalists cooked up the notion of global warming. When it was revealed that scientific academicians were cooking their data, this too lost steam.

So the far left liberals (now called Progressives) did what they always do when they’re exposed for the frauds that they are: Call it something else. For the last couple of years now, Climate Change has become their battle cry. Thankfully, this has also failed to gain any traction. What to do? Let’s make it about racism and social justice. After all, climate change is the product of white privilege. #

Courtesy of the Conservative Tribune, July 21, 2015 •

Few would argue that race-baiting tax cheat Al Sharpton is a complete and utter fool, and he seemingly can’t help but prove that presumption true whenever he opens his mouth.

Sharpton has a tendency to see racism and racial implications in virtually everything, so while his latest idiotic rant is laughable, it is not surprising.

On Monday, Sharpton spoke at the White House‘s Champions of Change Faith Leaders for Climate event, where he not only likened climate change to the civil rights struggle, he said climate change actually is a civil rights issue.

Sharpton said climate change “is an issue of justice, and it is an issue of human rights. African Americans are at a higher risk of being close, or predisposed to areas of carbon, as well as other poisonous pollution in the air.

“And we have a disproportionate interest because we suffer disproportionately,” he continued.

According to Breitbart, Sharpton added, “You cannot, not deal with climate change as a health issue, as a moral issue and as a civil rights issue.”

This is a absurd notion, on multiple levels.

First of all, climate change, which used to be called global warming until they realized the globe isn’t warming, is an issue very much still up for debate, despite what President Barack Obama and his acolytes on the left may proclaim.

Of course the climate is changing, as it always has, and always will, with statistically negligible influence from the activities of human beings.

To try to tie climate change and civil rights together is little more than an attempt by Sharpton to stay relevant, as more and more Americans are seeing him for the elitist race-baiting pot stirrer that he is.

Unfortunately for Al, race baiting is all he knows and the only manner in which he can butter his bread, thus this new tactic of tying ephemeral climate change to the racially charged civil rights struggle.

Al Sharpton is an idiot. The only thing racial about climate change is the hot air he continuously bellows at MSNBC and any rally that will have him.

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