This is Why TPA Can’t be Trusted — And Why Republicans Were Wrong to Support It (IT PASSED)

obamaBy Eric Odom at Liberty News, June 12, 2015 •

There is an enormous amount of debate surrounding the controversial TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) legislation passed in the House yesterday (Friday). The left is opposed because of big business/corporate involvement and special interest meddling. In their view, the legislation is designed to benefit big business and do little to nothing for the middle class. The right is opposed because TPA opens up pandora’s box on massive expansion of global control over our lives via TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and other dangerous mega-treaty language.

UPDATE: Click here to learn what actually happened in yesterday’s vote and what it means for the future of ObamaTrade.

Of course, defenders say pandora’s box can’t be opened without the approval of Congress. While this is true, it also clearly explains why conservatives are opposed.

Apparently much of the political establishment suffers from amnesia. Just last November Democrats suffered a stunning range of losses in the House and Senate. Republicans strengthened control of the House and took control of the Senate. All of this happened for a simple reason. Democrats couldn’t be trusted to stop Obama’s agenda, so voters looked to Republicans to save the day.

Unfortunately, Republicans have made absolutely no effort to stop Obama’s agenda. In fact, Republicans have further enabled Obama’s agenda. Republicans had the opportunity to defund ObamaCare, for example, and collapsed without even trying. And remember, most Republicans ran on a promise to stop ObamaCare at all costs. Once elected, one of their first major acts in Congress was to fully fund ObamaCare.

Can anyone honestly point to anything meaningful Republicans have done to stop Obama’s agenda? Or even slow it down?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding TPA and TPP. This confusion exists because Republicans didn’t take the time to explain what each is and how each operates. The reason they didn’t take the time to explain it is because the longer the debate was drawn out, the more opposition there would have been, making it more difficult to pass TPA.

TPA is not the mega-treaty that is TPP. It does not authorize TPP. TPA essentially authorizes Barack Obama to negotiate treaty and trade deals on behalf of Congress. Without Congressional input or amendments. Sure, the TPA sets a wide range of perimeters and guidelines, but don’t for a second think Obama isn’t prepared to manipulate and work around them. Don’t forget Obama is a constitutional attorney working with an army of attorneys who are masters at the craft of bypassing laws, regulations and the balance of power. With the TPA in place, Obama sets the agenda. He makes the deals and crafts the new world order. All Congress can do is vote yes or no. And all Obama needs is a simple majority to get his way.

I’m not going to get into the guts of TPA or TPP. I will say that TPP is deadly. It’s a dangerous mega-treaty that will literally rip the sovereign fabric of our nation apart at the seams. TPA, which is the “fast track” legislation passed today, does not authorize TPP. What TPA does is create the vehicle in which TPP will travel on to success.

TPP is pandora’s box. TPA is the factory in which it is manufactured. Which brings me back to the explanation of why Americans are opposed.

In simplest of terms, the Senate cannot be trusted to put the interests of American citizens over interests of big business, power and corruption. This isn’t theory, this is fact. It’s fact based on the past six months of reality.

If you’re to believe Obama’s TPP mega-treaty will be stopped by the Senate, then you’re also to believe Mitch McConnell and his ilk in the Senate will actually stand in its way. And if you believe that, well… I have a set of magic beans that will turn you into a super hero and I’ll sell them to you for only $1,000,000 if you can pay today.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. McConnell and his allies in Washington aren’t going to stand in Obama’s way. They never have and never will. Obama knows this and we know it. Because we know it, we don’t want a mechanism in place that empowers Obama to move forward with the rest of his agenda. The final chapter in his evil push to “fundamentally transform America.”

We. Don’t. Want. It.

Representatives are elected to represent us. If we don’t want something, they shouldn’t force us to have it. If they do, they aren’t representing us. We don’t want Obama’s agenda and we don’t want any laws in place that make his agenda more possible. Yet, the House and Senate just did something Obama wants and knows will enable him to move forward, something we loudly stated we don’t want.

The TPA is the death blow for this reason. Not because the TPA in and of itself is that nasty (although it is a part of a HUGE transfer of wealth in the form of more social welfare and handouts), but because of what the TPA sets up as being entirely (and likely) possible.

Why would Republicans who promised to stop Obama’s agenda basically pave Obama’s path in gold and give him guiding lights? If Republicans truly wanted to stop Obama, they wouldn’t have even considered “gambling” on something as serious as TPA.

Additionally, there is a false notion out there that anyone who opposes TPA is anti-trade. This is downright disingenuous. The fact is, TPA (fast track) isn’t necessary to accomplish more free trade. But the fact is, TPA is the only way Obama will go along with Republicans on free trade. See how that works? See how that makes Republicans pawns of Obama.

History now shows us the way Washington works under Obama’s heavy handed rule. Obama gets a lot of what he wants in exchange for giving Republicans a tiny bite of what they want. Obama gets the appetizer, the steak entree, the palate cleanser and the dessert. The trade off is that he’ll let Republicans have a handful of peanuts, provided they sit outside and don’t ask for anything more.

Mark my words. Obama’s is going to get his way. His agenda is going to move forward. Republicans will not stop him. You know it and I know it.

And TPA is what made it all possible.

Note that TPA cannot go through without passage of TAA, the spending bill Democrats want but voted down because it didn’t spend enough. TAA will be voted on again on Tuesday and if it passes, the entire package will be good to go.

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