Democrats Reload on Ammo Ban

greeniesOriginally posted at The Patriot Post, March 13, 2015 •

After 90,000 comments and condemnation from congressional Republicans, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives backed away from its proposal to ban the 5.56 M855 “green tip” ammunition. But congressional Democrats have taken the idea, expanded the breadth of the proposed ammo ban, and run with it.

In a letter to the ATF, Democrats encourage the bureau to move fast and use its “existing authority” to limit any rifle cartridge that can be fired from a handgun. Democrats wrote, “We hope that the Bureau will swiftly review comments on the proposed framework and issue a revised proposal that will address the danger posed by handguns that fire 5.56mm and other rifle ammunition.”

They have introduced legislation in the House to ban the green-tipped rounds, and Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) said she would introduced a broader bill to ban even more forms of armor-piercing ammunition. Because cops wear light body armor and there are some unique pistols out there (Thompson Contender pistol chambered in 30-30, anybody?), Democrats are opening the door for potentially banning all center-fire rounds. And the ATF welcomes this lobbying. Its director, B. Todd Jones, said “any 5.56 round” threatens the safety of police officers – a distorted fear if ever there was one.

And don’t think for a moment Barack Obama isn’t happy with the effort.

Barack Obama’s spokesman Josh Earnest promised, “The president’s commitment to putting in place common-sense rules that will protect Second Amendment rights, but also prevent those who shouldn’t have firearms from getting them, is as strong as ever. I think the president’s own personal conviction on this matter has been pretty evident to those who have watched his public comments.” Indeed, Obama’s contempt for the Second Amendment is painfully evident, and we don’t believe for a moment that we’ve heard the last from him on infringing those rights.

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