Smatterings: ‘I Stand with the Musilms’

obamabarack_082814getty2By Freeman, September 10, 2014 •

Tonight, the man without a plan will take to the airwaves to tell America how he intends to deal with brutal, radical Islamist murderers. Yet why he hasn’t dealt with them in almost six years is the real story here.

Rest assured, Barack Hussein Obama will never call them Islamists, or likely even reference Muslims, except perhaps somehow as the victims in all of this. He probably won’t mention the word jihadist, either, because Obama is a bit of a jihadist himself, especially as it concerns personal ideology and his view of America’s place in the world.

A baby girl beheaded by ISIS for the crime of being Christian.

A baby girl beheaded by ISIS for the crime of being Christian.

In fact, it is the hopey-changey progressive policy of Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation,’ at home and abroad, that has directly led us to this point today. The enemies of America have been empowered and emboldened. The ISIS army is now running rampant throughout Iraq and Syria, beheading Christians and Jews and other ‘nonbelievers’ at will.

And now it’s been reported that the ISIS road show has arrived in beautiful downtown Juarez, in the heart of cartel country on the Mexican border. They’ve made it clear that El Paso, Texas and Fort Bliss are in their sights. Clearly the Islamists have a plan, and it’s called the Caliphate. Look it up, and then look around: England, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

According to the terrorists themselves, an attack on American soil is imminent, and that is the real reason Barack Obama is having his TV show on this night, the eve of the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Not to protect American lives, but to protect whatever is left of his pathetic presidential legacy. It would be ruinous for ISIS to attack the home front without some pretense of a strategy to prevent it. Let the games begin.

Eight Christians crucified by ISIS in Syria.

Eight Christians crucified by ISIS in Syria.

But Obama does have a plan, he always has. It’s just that he never counted on ISIS not sticking to the script. Or did he? As with so many presidents before him, the old scheme of arming opposition rebels to topple foreign governments has backfired once again. Or has it?

Like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, ISIS is a manifestation of political meddling in a shortsighted attempt to pick the winners and losers in the Middle East. The question is who, exactly, does Obama want to win? Because ISIS is winning, make no mistake about that.

It’s remarkable how everything is going the Islamists’ way, thanks to this man without a plan. His early withdrawal from Iraq. Mothballing aircraft carriers. The CIA craftwork of Arab Spring. The curious rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The overthrow of Gaddafi. The subsequent gun running in Benghazi that armed the ‘moderate Syrian rebels.’ And closer to home, Obama’s insistence on unprotected, open borders provides an open and irresistible invitation to anyone wishing to harm America and her people.

One can’t help but wonder if it is intended consequences or unrivaled incompetence that ISIS has landed on our doorstep. One wonders if they are already in our backyards.

It matters little what Obama says tonight. What he does is all that counts. On page 261 in the paperback edition of Audacity of Hope (for which Bill Ayers has now publicly claimed authorship) Obama asserts: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Well, those winds have now shifted rather dramatically, and things are headed in a pretty ugly direction. Indeed, we shall now see with whom Obama stands.

ISIS: A head on a pike in the name of Allah, that’s how we roll.

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