Plea or Flee: Either Way, Illegal Aliens Win

By FreeMan, July 25, 2014 •

courtA Texas newspaper reported this week that 18 of 20 Central American minors from the ‘border surge’ failed to appear in federal court for initial deportation hearings. No surprise there. On average, 50% never do. Like the total number of illegal aliens in this country, that’s probably a politically jiggered, lowball estimate intended to minimize the real breadth of the threat.

Michael Baird, the judge who oversees the juvenile illegal immigration docket in North Texas, called the rate of Tuesday’s no-shows “highly unusual.” So he rescheduled the hearings for August 11th. After all, Baird imagines these illegal foreign nationals may not have received proper notice of the hearings from the government, and therefore insufficient time to prepare.

Whooooooa there, cowboy, back up a step. We were under the impression that the government is housing these illegal aliens. It’s not like these notices were lost in our government’s stellar postal system.

But then comes news that none of the minors scheduled to appear on Tuesday had attorneys, almost always bad news for new kids on the docket. According to a new study by a New York research outfit, 90% of unaccompanied illegal minors that don’t have attorneys get deported. Adios, amigos.

No doubt Attorney General Eric Holder and his social justice apparatchik know this. Maybe that’s why earlier this year Judge Baird replaced Judge Deitrich Sims, who was known for tough enforcement of immigration statutes.

Then there’s the Executive Office of Immigration Review, which was mandated only weeks ago to make “unaccompanied juveniles” the top priority among its nearly half million backlogged cases. Over 100,000 such juveniles entered the country illegally over the past two years under Obama’s watch — or more accurately, while the feds were ordered to look the other way.

gvlNow add to that Holder’s new $2 million taxpayer-funded scheme to hire 100 new lawyers and paralegals to represent these foreign juveniles gratis in deportation proceedings. Of course, the immigration judges all report to Holder.

So either way, dodging court appearances or judicial delays invariably accomplishes one of two things: buying time for legal aides to get their acts together, or allowing time for illegal aliens to make a clean getaway, and then wait for amnesty to kick in.

Announcing the legal aid plan in June, Holder declared with humanitarian zeal, “We’re taking an historic step to strengthen our justice system and protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of society.”

But to which society, exactly, is Holder referring? Central American society?

Sorry, but this is a miscarriage of American justice. The most vulnerable members of this society are those Americans who watch helplessly as two lawless political parties ignore the health, personal security, and the very Will of the People.

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