Socialists Dance on Jefferson’s Grave

TJ TOMB2By Thom, March 4, 2014 •

Irony of Ironies

Barack Obama recently escorted France’s socialist president, Francois Hollande, on a tour of Thomas Jefferson’s beloved home in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The French had long been admirers of Mr. Jefferson, once a great friend and proponent of their own revolution against aristocratic rule.  He even helped Lafayette with the initial drafts of the Declaration of the Rights of Man.

Still, the February tour at Monticello seemed an odd, out-of-the-way choice for these two comrades of modern collectivism.

Perhaps they were taking a victory lap around the grounds to celebrate their fleeting victories over independence, individual liberty, and public education. If that were the case, there could be no better place on earth to gloat, or a more appropriate backdrop than dead of winter.

At one point, Mr. Obama decided to place personal whim over protocol by wandering out onto a terrace to a favorite lookout of America’s third president. Here he let slip a quip that neatly sums up his administrative style and attitude toward the Constitution:

“That’s the good thing as a president, I can do whatever I want.”

Perhaps it was an attempt at witty repartee, or an inside joke between authoritarian bedfellows. Unfortunately, it was neither clever nor humorous, but rather a reflection of his arrogant contempt for the traditions, values, and laws of America.

The Power of the Pen

This is the same Barack Obama who also recently stated that he would continue to circumvent Congress in order to achieve progress and social justice. After all, this is the guy with the “phone and a pen,” plus an army of unelected federal agency cronies to carry out any executive orders that the legislative branch does not.

Mr. Obama is not one to let such trifling details as the constitutional balance of powers get in his way. Little more than a week ago, he once again rewrote provisions in his problem-plagued ObamaCare, without Congressional approval — for at least the twentieth time (we’ve lost count).

Then just days later, the Obama regime, unwilling to wait for legislative “reform” on immigration rules, decided to award legal citizen status and benefits to thousands of illegal aliens related to U.S. military service members, and once again, without Congressional consent. Whether or not these waivers were a noble gesture is hardly the point. The order itself is an unconstitutional workaround to existing legislation.

Mr. Obama does these things precisely because our elected Congress (complicit or not) allows him to do so, and without nary a peep from We the People ourselves. The danger, of course, is that Mr. Obama is setting precedent with every illegal stroke of his pen.

Thomas Jefferson was also keenly aware of the pen’s ability to shape worlds. Nothing before or since has so simply and eloquently captured the spirit of Liberty and natural rights as the Declaration of Independence.

“All men are created equal,” arguably the most famous phrase in history, fundamentally transformed the very foundation of governance, resonating across countries and cultural divides for centuries.

This is a far cry from Mr. Obama’s design to fundamentally transform America, a desire shaped by a lost soul and vindictive spirit. With his poisonous pen and an army of czars, he has declared war on prosperity and the People’s posterity, allegedly in the name of equal outcomes, a political farce and absolute impossibility in nature.

History Repeating Itself

Like most American presidents, Mr. Jefferson also overstepped his constitutional bounds in the interest of the ‘greater good’ (i.e. Louisiana Purchase). But he also led an ostensible second revolution when met with the monarchical bent of his early presidential rival and predecessor, John Adams.

Widely known as the Revolution of 1800, Mr. Jefferson’s election victory finally put an end to President Adams’ dreams of a “limited monarchy.” The new administration also intervened against a burgeoning federal government that had become abusive of the rights of the newly formed States and their local charters.

Not surprisingly, Americans have lost considerable ground since the populist Jeffersonians left office (1825). For here we are again, now with a line of modern presidents — both Republicans and Democrats — strutting like kings and securing wealth, power, and political advantage for their aristocratic families and friends, while tossing crumbs to the voters.

Let them eat food stamps!

Those fighting to preserve American Liberty in our time must firmly hope that efforts toward a third revolution of resistance have taken root. If we are not equal to the challenge of safeguarding freedom and self-determination, we only have to look to the past to see what may come next.

History is littered with hundreds of millions of corpses, courtesy of men who put their own self-serving rule above the Rule of Law — indeed, men who felt they could do whatever they wanted. No doubt Mr. Hollande knows well what became of the French Revolution.

After deposing France’s brutish monarchy, the new regime of the so-called egalitarian movement went on a murderous, paranoia-fueled purge in the name of progress and justice. Mr. Jefferson was repulsed by this resulting Reign of Terror, which saw over 40,000 political opponents slaughtered via the guillotine.

This has been the pattern of many in power throughout the ages. It matters little which class or cause they claim to represent. What they invariably ignore is that awesome power carries with it awesome responsibility.

It is without question that history repeats when we do not learn its lessons and heed its warnings. It’s also been said that every time history does repeat itself, the price of the lesson goes up.

The New Purge

Tragically, opponents of America’s currently reigning royals are now also finding themselves on an enemy list, targets of civil rights abuses, political intimidation, financial extortion, and religious discrimination — all under the direction of the political and corporate elitists.

Further, Mr. Obama has essentially succeeded in his quest for a militarized national police force. Our right of due process has been stripped (i.e. NDAA), while other guarantees in our Bill of Rights (First, Second, Fourth, and Tenth Amendments) remain under serious attack.

The leadership of America’s armed services has also been politically gutted. Domestic internment camps have been built, and ‘reeducation’ protocols are in place. Now all that remains is crisis by decree, and His Majesty’s almighty signature.

The architects of this alarming state of affairs would have you believe this is all for the greater good of the People, and that the oppressive horrors of history could never be brought to bear against any group of citizens here in America (again).

The Founding Fathers, and especially Thomas Jefferson, must be fidgeting in their graves.



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