Cairo Calling

Yesterday, as parts of America commemorated the eleventh year since the September 11th attacks, our ‘moderate’ Muslim friends in Egypt were busy storming our sovereign embassy in Cairo. After ripping down and tearing up the stars and stripes, our new democratic allies then hoisted the familiar black al Qaeda battle flag, while declaring, “We are all Osama!”

The catalyst for the Islamic violence du jour? A low-budget American film entitled, Innocence of Muslims, which depicts the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a manner evidently not to the liking of many Muslim film critics.

We assumed it was the bad acting, but we’re told the main thrust of this riotous offense is the pedophilia reference to the prophet (peace be upon him). Really? It seems odd that this would incite outrage, considering that the practice of mufa’khathat or “thighing” is quite the norm in the Muslim world. Further, you should make yourself familiar with the official Islamic-sanctioned story of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his child bride, Aisha.

While the American political left gets busy trying to turn this into a case of international hate speech, the fact remains that we observe free speech in this country, which extends to the freedom of expression in our arts. Christians did not rampage when Piss Christ was exhibited, nor did they burn down buildings and murder people when the dung-flung Holy Virgin Mary was unveiled in Brooklyn.

Indeed, if our nation has any ‘religion’ that binds all of us together, it is the Constitution. That is our Supreme Law, not Sharia. Nobody ever apologized for the derogatory nature of the aforementioned anti-Christian works of art. Nobody needs apologize for the Innocence of Muslims (except maybe the actors to their parents).

But is there more to this story than meets the eye? Is this really a question about the First Amendment, or about America’s questionable foreign policy?

We find it odd that the Muslim Brotherhood is urging ‘peaceful’ protest. That assumes they had nothing to do with the embassy takeover in the first place. Reportedly, they even requested that the mobs refrain from burning the American flag. Sounds suspiciously like a script from the State Department.

Also gone largely unnoticed are the curious initials A-C-A-B sprayed on the wall at the embassy. Go back and look at the beginning of the video. Do you know the meaning of those letters?

Most ‘occupy’ people do.

Be sure to read our next installment of  The State Department’s Muslim Sisterhood — coming soon.

Here is some additional footage from Reuters courtesy of Weasel Zippers:

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